Editions VIZAVI invite you to discover the culture of Mauritius through its cookbooks, hiking guidebooks and picture dictionaries designed to communicate.

Thanks to Jacqueline Dalais, we can now have access to her finest recipes. The grande dame of the Mauritian gastronomy has collected many recipes from her grandparents and parents and shares them with her readers. Her cookbook Tasty Delights is so much more than a simple book, it takes the reader on a culinary trip in Mauritius that will make your mouth water. With typical recipes such as crab broth or beef dry curry, you will be ready to make the perfect meal!

If you are sporty and adventurous, Dix randonnées pédestres à l’île Maurice was made for you! Available in French, it was written by connoisseur Mathias Echevin to give you tips on ten trail routes in Mauritius. Get ready to climb Le Pouce or Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire.

With MAURITIUS NO STRESS, Editions Vizavi have clearly not forgotten those who do not speak  English or French. This picture dictionary is essential for tourists who neither speak English nor French but also for all the professionals that need to communicate easily with foreigners. It provides small pictures that represent services or commodities such as drinks, transportation in Mauritius or even tours. Communicating becomes as easy as pie: you simply need to point out an image present in the booklet to make yourself understood.


dictionnaire ile maurice

Mauritius NO STRESS

Date de publication: octobre 2015

MAURITIUS NO STRESS is a tourist picture dictionary specially dedicated to Mauritius. This incredibly useful app takes the hassle out of not being able to ‘speak the local language’ and communicate one’s needs. Covering all manners of potential scenarios and queries (Where can one hire a car? Is there a doctor nearby? Where can I eat […] Read more...


Tasty Delights

DALAIS Jacqueline

Date de publication: 2014

What is the secret of this self- taught cook who has been delighting the Mauritians’ palates for almost five decades? For the first time, Jacqueline Dalais shares her recipes for her Signature dishes that have brought her fame well beyond our island borders and some of her vintage recipes lovingly passed down from one generation to […] Read more...

randonnées à l'île Maurice

Dix Randonnées Pédestres à L’Ile Maurice


Date de publication: 2010

This guide offers 10 hiking journeys of discovery on unmarked trails of Mauritius for both beginners and experienced hikers. Each route is described by its level of difficulty, duration, how to get there along with a geographical map. Simple and precise, this guide allows the reader to go safely, with family or friends, and discover […] Read more...

Traité général des protections

Le Traité général des protections


Date de publication: 2004

Clear, precise and effective, this book is a true bible on protection against nuisances. It is a unique and key work in esoteric literature targeting all types of readers. It is the work of an expert with more than 35 years of experience in areas of protection against jealousy, evil spells, bewitchments and obstacles. This […] Read more...

The Gourmet Island

Date de publication: 1997

“The Gourmet Island” is an encounter with the diversity of Mauritian cuisine of European, Indian, Chinese and Creole inspiration. It is also a tribute to the finest tables and its chefs who, like artists through their creativity and high standard of quality, contribute to making Mauritius a dream destination where the pleasures of fine gourmet […] Read more...