Tikoulou at the Window on Rodrigues exhibition

12 January 2017

exposition Rodrigues

Tikoulou participates in L’Aventure du Sucre’s Window on Rodrigues exhibition!

L’Aventure du Sucre has created a playful and interactive exhibition, which recounts the history of Mauritius through the development of the local sugar industry. Temporary expositions add to the fun! Since December 2014, L’Aventure du Sucre has shone a light on Rodrigues: there, one is able to discover photographs by Christian Bossu-Picat, paintings by Karo Mandron, and album boards from the Tikoulou à Rodrigues comic book, illustrated by Henry Koombes.

The comic book is written by a young Rodriguan named Valentin Donzé. The story unfolds in Rodrigues, an island around 560 km east of Mauritius. This island becomes the stage of a new adventure for our Mauritian hero, during his stay at his uncle Baboune’s place.

Tikoulou discovers Rodrigues’ endemic flsora in a visit to the Anse Quitor reserve. He sees ‘white wood’ (gastonia rodriguesiana), ‘olive wood’ (olea lancea),  yellow latan palms, ‘stinky wood’ (foetidia rodriguesiana), ‘sailor’s wood’ (surina maritima) or ‘woodcock wood’ (Pittosporum balfourii). Tikoulou also enjoys typical Rodriguan meals, watches over the goats who run in open air, discovers caves, bats and the warmth of Rodriguans, their songs and traditional dances.

This is the very spirit of the Window on Rodrigues exhibition: it allows one to discover these multiple facets of Rodrigues, and informs the public about the island’s cultural and environmental riches. Illustrious authors have lent their words to the exhibit, such as Dr Michel DupontJ.M.G Le ClézioNicolas Hulot and Nicolas Cavaillès.

This exhibition does not deviate from the museum’s usual activities. In fact, it integrates resources at the forefront of museology to present its exhibitions in an entertaining and captivating way. L’Aventure du Sucre knows how to please young and old, without a doubt!

The Window on Rodrigues exhibition will be held until March 2016.