Getting into editing and publishing while being completely based in Mauritius – and having only local resources at hand – did seem like a challenge. The dream behind that was to be able to live the country’s rich multicultural heritage through the lens of books. Pascale Siew brought together these two goals in creating VIZAVI Editions in 1993.

Today, the publishing house can boast of nearly 80 works in its collection. Given its strong awareness of the bilingualism or even trilingualism rooted in Mauritian life, all publications appear in French and English or French and Creole. They are exclusively available on the island.

VIZAVI Editions has over time become a household name in the Mauritian cultural landscape. Its most well-known publication is inarguably the picture book series The Adventures of Tikulu. Created in 1998 by the paintbrush of Henry Koombes, the character of Tikulu has become a real editorial success. He has appeared in a theatrical adaptation and in textbooks for public primary schools: he stands out in the Indian Oceanic cultural landscape (

Other fictional heroes have come to enrich the variety of children’s literature offered by VIZAVI Editions, which, year after year, showcases a great number of Mauritian artists, ranging from the iconic intellectual and poet Malcolm de Chazal to rising young comic artists.

The editorial policy of VIZAVI Editions allows all kinds of voices to be heard. It publishes novelists, poets, photographers, cartoonists, historians, chefs and self-help authors who cast all kinds of gazes on Mauritius.

For over two decades now, the publishing house has also been involved in hands-on, grassroots literacy and literature projects that allow it to interact with both young and adult readers. It will gladly host these programs whenever solicited by teachers and cultural leaders. The publishing house is particularly concerned about the social problem of illiteracy and regularly participates in programs for underprivileged children.

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Specialities: children’s literature, coffee table books, photography, history, general literature, self-help, Mauritian literature.

Sales outlets: bookstores, supermarkets, hotel shops, museum shops, Airport of Mauritius.

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