Thanks to its diverse population Mauritius has a rich culture that you will be able to discover through our historical books, our coffee table books and even our children’s books!

The famous collection of children’s books Tikulu’s Adventures is a landmark in the cultural heritage of Mauritius. In 2017, our young hero and his friends go on their 17th adventure in The Legend of Bel Ombre, written by François Rogers and Claire Rose.

When it comes to delighting our young readers, Tikulu is not the only one to excel in that task! Ludo the Dodo is an early-learning book that has won many hearts. This children’s book was written by Céline Chowa and illustrated by Henry Koombes and tells a very special day in Ludo the Dodo’s life.


The world of Tikoulou

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With over 260,000 books sold, The Adventures of Tikulu make up a number of illustrated books that are the brainchild of Pascale Siew and Henry Koombes – who pictures Tikulu, a 10-year-old Mauritian boy easily recognizable by his hairstyle. The universe of Tikulu is that of the islands of the Indian Ocean and their distinct tropical flavours. It celebrates the “Koombes style” of well-structured, simple, fresh, joyful and very readable illustrations, with clearly defined contours reminiscent of the “ligne claire” technique invented by Hergé in the Tintin series. The texts are short and easy to understand. They carry positive messages and values such as friendship, solidarity and love of nature.

In the world of Tikulu, there are neither differences nor barriers. It is a world without prejudice, where we can all live happily together and discover one another.


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