By means of wide retrospectives, Editions VIZAVI make us discover the history of Mauritius.

In 2017, Editions VIZAVI take us on a journey through time with Voyage au gré des cartes – A Journey through old maps. Map by map, this magnificent book written by Pipo Lenoir recounts the history of Mauritius and of the Indian Ocean. Between colourful names and interesting historical fun facts, this book offers an incredible jump to a less known part of our history: cartography.

Editions VIZAVI have many historical books in store such as the reprint of Port-Louis – Deux Siècles d’Histoire (1735-1935). This book written by Auguste Toussaint in 1936 was the first one to actually recount the history of Mauritius and especially that of its capital Port-Louis. Auguste Toussaint was a famous Mauritian historian who wrote more than 20 books on Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. In the reprint of his book on Port-Louis, we can follow the evolution of the capital as well as its development through Mauritius’ biggest military and economic events. Port-Louis – Deux Siècles d’Histoire is available in French.

In 2006 we honoured the memory of the famous writer Malcolm de Chazal. More than a hundred press articles written by Chazal were carefully selected to constitute the invaluable compilation Comment devenir un génie ?. Malcolm de Chazal was a great philosopher, a painter and a poet; he was born in Vacoas, Mauritius, in 1902. In 30 years, he published around 1000 chronicles in our local newspapers.

Le voyage de Baudelaire aux Mascareignes is a 1968 historical book written by the columnist, critic and biographer Jean Urruty. It was reprinted in 2007 by Editions Vizavi. It chronicles Charles Baudelaire‘s stay in the Mascarene islands and centres on his unexpected 45 day stay in Mauritius where the famous French poet experienced a tremendous upheaval that reverberated on his creative inspiration.

Chinatown, in the heart of Mauritius is a book that Editions VIZAVI published in 2016 which tells the arrival in Mauritius and integration of the first coolies and shopkeepers from Fujian, Guangzhou or from the Hakka group. We witness the rise of the first factories and learn about their day to day lives in laboutik sinoi. We also discover their traditions, rites and beliefs as well as the obstacles they had to face as years went by.




Bâtir sur ses rêves

Date de publication: 2018

José Poncini was born from Swiss parents in Mauritius in 1928. He was a great pioneer and a patriot who had revolutionary ideas; he was especially involved in re-shaping the Mauritian economy, breaking off with the popular beliefs of that time. Considered as the founding father of the Mauritian Free Zone, his endeavours helped create […] Read more...

Voyage au gré des cartes – A Journey through old maps


Date de publication: 2017

Voyage au gré des cartes – A Journey through old maps invites the reader through an unforgettable journey full of discoveries. Prefaced by the director of the Blue Penny Museum Emmanuel Richon, this large book bears witness to the ever-changing depictions of our land and its surroundings during four centuries. These beautiful maps have been carefully chosen […] Read more...

Traverser l’impossible


Date de publication: 2017

In Traverser l’impossible, Lilian Eymeric tells us his story and how he became the World Champion of Open Water Swimming and the Mauritian of the Year 2016. Step by step we follow the narration of the most significant events of his life that led him to leave everything and settle down in Mauritius. This is […] Read more...


CHINATOWN in the heart of Mauritius

Date de publication: 2016

CHINATOWN in the heart of Mauritius is a beautifully illustrated guide both through the contours of Sino-Mauritian history and the Chinese quarter of Port Louis. The book provides a thoughtful and sensitive appraisal of the sometimes painful experiences of the successive waves of Fukienese, Cantonese and Hakka immigrants as well as charting the transformation of these […] Read more...

Shekel Mauricien

Le Shekel Mauricien

PITOT Geneviève

Date de publication: 2014

Le Shekel Mauricien. 1940, thousands of Jews attempt to flee Nazi persecution in Europe: this book traces the painful circumstances in which nearly 1,600 Jewish refugees from Central Europe managed to flee their homeland to escape Nazism by secretly entering Palestine. The author, Genevieve Pitot, also describes how soon after their arrival to Eretz Israel, […] Read more...


PORT-LOUIS, Deux Siècles d’Histoire 1735-1935


Date de publication: 2013

The first edition of this book dates back to 1936. It was commissioned to Auguste Toussaint, a young historian aged 25, by the Lord Mayor of Port Louis on the occasion of the bicentennial celebration of the capital city. Since its publication, the book has been a resounding success because it is the first one […] Read more...

Sirandann enigmes mauriciennes


WIEHE Gabrielle

Date de publication: 2009

Sirandanns are much more than guessing games. This verbal contest of puzzles using the creole language is an eye-opener on our surroundings. They depict the world in an unusual way, lifting off its everyday mask and confounding it. Sirandanns thus reveal a fantasy world, bizarre, witty and always poetical. Beautifully illustrated by Gabrielle Wiehe, this book […] Read more...


Le Voyage de Baudelaire aux Mascareignes


Date de publication: 2007

September 1st, 1841: while en route to India, the Paquebot des Mers du Sud anchored in the bay of Port-Louis after suffering a terrible storm off the Cape of Good Hope. On board, a young twenty-year-old man, Charles Baudelaire… What did he do during his stopover in Mauritius and the 45 days he spent in Bourbon, […] Read more...

Malcolm de Chazal

Comment devenir un génie


Date de publication: 2006

From 1948 to his death in 1981, Malcolm de Chazal gave to the Mauritius’ press countless chronicles which are collected here, for the first time, in a wide selection. Chazal gets carried away sometimes, but we willingly follow him as he often finds blazing images and irresistible formulas of humour. In their oral spontaneity, the […] Read more...

articles de presse

CD press articles


Date de publication: 2004

Born in Vacoas (Mauritius) September 12, 1902 , Malcolm de Chazal was a painter as well as an economist, a thinker, a philosopher, a playwright and a poet. He was also a newspaper columnist between 1948 and 1978, the author of 980 articles published in Mauritian newspapers, a complete edition of which is presented here for […] Read more...

Maurice : Images d’un siècle

Glimpses of 20th Century Mauritius

Date de publication: 1999

The history of 20th century Mauritius is yet to be written. At the close of this century, as one can imagine, a pictorial overview of the past hundred years cannot but be incomplete as photographs of the early years are few and far between and even when these become available as the century draws to […] Read more...

Mauritian Shekel

The Mauritian Shekel

PITOT Geneviève

Date de publication: 1998

In 1940 thousands of Jews were trying to flee Nazi persecution in Europe. This is the little-known story of a group of 1,600 Jewish refugees who, having escaped from Nazi-occupied Europe, were refused entry into Palestine by the British in 1940 because they were considered ‘illegal’ immigrants. Their deportation after landing in the Promised Land, […] Read more...


Port-Louis, Ile Maurice


Date de publication: 1997

The eye of the humourist, the drawing line of the cartoonist, and the verb of the poet make this book by Eric Koo Sin Lin, a collection full of tenderness revealing a fine sensitivity and deep emotion equal to his gaze on the beloved city. A city, a street, a face, a scene; his drawings, […] Read more...

Oeuvre de Malcolm de Chazal

Sur Malcolm de Chazal

OSMAN Amina, DAVID Lilette, BEAUFILS Laurent

Date de publication: 1996

Way beyond an academic approach, this book provides the reader with eight contributions around the work of Malcolm de Chazal. Emanating from different sensibilities, but all animated by the same fire, these contributions address the chazal-esque vision of Mauritius in its universal dimension. It is about sharing, spirit, communion, and beauty, quite simply. Malcolm did […] Read more...

Gaëtan Duval

L’incarné du voyage


Date de publication: 1996

Sir Gaëtan Duval had everything in order not to be a politician. He loved life, men, women, and did not take himself seriously. He did not believe in ideology and kept saying that one should not hesitate to give up a career to defend a friend. So how could he have played such a prominent […] Read more...

Le Théâtre de Port-Louis, scènes


Date de publication: 1994

From the smell of the glue between the hangers – those backstage dressers – to the fate of performers and the murmuring public, this book, illustrated with many pictures of the time, delivers Port Louis’ theatre highlights of the last century with exuberance. Navigation at sight on a strange ocean, one made of emotions shared […] Read more...

Port-Louis théatre

Le Théâtre de Port-Louis, origines

BENOÎT Norbert

Date de publication: 1994

This book tells the history of the Port Louis Theatre, a Mauritian heritage treasure for which the foundation stone was laid in 1822. It took the historian, Norbert Benoît, patient research of archives to study this particular world which was often influenced by Parisian trends and shaped by transformations, and which was finally bought by […] Read more...