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Le Shekel Mauricien

PITOT Geneviève

Le Shekel Mauricien. 1940, thousands of Jews attempt to flee Nazi persecution in Europe: this book traces the painful circumstances in which nearly 1,600 Jewish refugees from Central Europe managed to flee their homeland to escape Nazism by secretly entering Palestine.
The author, Genevieve Pitot, also describes how soon after their arrival to Eretz Israel, the Promised Land, the refugees were then deported to Mauritius and detained in the prison of Beau-Bassin until the end of the Second World War. This was done by order of the British government for “illegal immigration” into Palestine.
This well-documented story reflects the lack of understanding of British authorities in the drama of these refugees – men, women and children – who were deported and detained by force, in order to deter other Jewish refugees from following their example.

Languages available: French

ISBN: 99903 37 85 3

Format of the book: 21,5 x 15 cm

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Publication date: 2014

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