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Tasty Delights

DALAIS Jacqueline

What is the secret of this self- taught cook who has been delighting the Mauritians’ palates for almost five decades?
For the first time, Jacqueline Dalais shares her recipes for her Signature dishes that have brought her fame well beyond our island borders and some of her vintage recipes lovingly passed down from one generation to the next.
Mouth- watering tastes, flavours, colours… if there is a single word to describe the cuisine of this great lady, it is generosity.
This book is an invitation to travel and to share.

Languages available: English & French

ISBN: 978 99903 37 87 7

Format of the book: 25 x 28 cm

Number of pages: 128

Weight: 1020 g

Publication date: 2014

Stock: Available

Price: Rs 1300,00