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After the success of Mauritius Colour / Couleur Maurice in November 2010, with Incognito the photographer Dominic Sansoni proposes a new journey to Mauritius and Rodrigues. Far from the usual tropical island clichés, the Sri Lankan photographer invites us to a different kind of meeting with the Mauritians and the Rodriguans. He takes an unvarnished and natural look at their intimate and daily life, like the snapshots around a street corner, through a partly opened door or at a market stall. Between emotion and discovery, this book is a fitting tribute to the endearing authenticity of the inhabitants of these two islands.

Languages available: Bilingual English - French

ISBN: 978 99903 37 73 0

Format of the book: 30 x 21 cm

Number of pages: 128

Weight: 966 g

Publication date: 2011

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Price: Rs 920,00