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CHINATOWN in the heart of Mauritius

CHINATOWN in the heart of Mauritius is a beautifully illustrated guide both through the contours of Sino-Mauritian history and the Chinese quarter of Port Louis. The book provides a thoughtful and sensitive appraisal of the sometimes painful experiences of the successive waves of Fukienese, Cantonese and Hakka immigrants as well as charting the transformation of these various groups into the successful community of present day Sino-Mauritians. Chinatown, with its pagodas, restaurants and festivals, leaps joyously from its pages, which also offer an eloquent plea for the reinvention through architectural restoration of these vibrant, historic streets of the Mauritian capital.


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CHINATOWN in the heart of Mauritius – a Trip down memory lane News on Sunday 24/01/17 Lire


Languages available: French, English, Chinese

ISBN: 978 99949 42 01 5

Format of the book: 24 x 25 cm

Number of pages: 224


Publication date: 2016

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Price: Rs 1500