Bâtir sur ses rêves

José Poncini was born from Swiss parents in Mauritius in 1928. He was a great pioneer and a patriot who had revolutionary ideas; he was especially involved in re-shaping the Mauritian economy, breaking off with the popular beliefs of that time. Considered as the founding father of the Mauritian Free Zone, his endeavours helped create 90,000 jobs within ten years. He was a thinker who never stopped questioning the existing models and who encouraged his country’s growth. He started writing his autobiography which was unfortunately interrupted when he died in 2015 but completed by Gilbert Deville and Pascale Siew from notes and conference reports.

Languages available: French

ISBN: 978 99949 49 05 2

Format of the book: 14 x 21 cm

Number of pages: 208


Publication date: 2018

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