José Poncini was born in Mauritius in 1928 after his parents left Switzerland to settle on the island. He then left the country at 9 to attend school and go to university in Switzerland. José Poncini always felt he was Mauritian at heart; that is why he decided to come back to his birth country after his studies and take over the family business, Poncini & Fils. He then started Micro Jewels, a company that specialised in the drilling of rubies and diamonds, making Mauritius appear on the global market as something more than a mere sugar economy. As a true visionary, he is considered to be the founding father of the Mauritian Free Zone and one of the key players in the modernisation of the island’s economy. José died in 2015 after starting his autobiography, which was completed by Gilbert Deville and Pascale Siew and published at Editions VIZAVI under the name Bâtir sur ses rêves.

Edited by Vizavi