Malcolm de Chazal
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Malcolm de Chazal (1902-1981) was at once a painter, economist, thinker, philosopher, playwright, poet and newspaper columnist who left a mark in his time. After studying agricultural engineering in Baton-Rouge (U.S.A.), he could have aspired to a successful career in the Mauritian sugar industry, had he not criticised its magnates in the local press of the time. Ostracised, he then had to settle for a subordinate job in the public service from 1937 to 1957, before retiring to devote himself entirely to his writing and his painting. His revolt is reflected in his writings, which never fail to surprise for their audacity and their impertinence. He was the subject of much ridicule from his fellow citizens until his main work Sens Plastique was greeted by French critics as a work of high quality. Since then glory, often boisterous by his own act, distinguished his writing career. To this is added the glory that he later earned with his paintings, as bright as childlike excitement.