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Born in Mauritius, Genevieve Pitot leaves her native island to study building engineering in Great Britain. After graduating, she pursued a career in London and Frankfurt, where she lived until her death. Given her professional studies, she did not seem predestined to write the story of the deportation of 1.500 Jewish refugees from central Europe to Mauritius in 1940. But her life in Germany makes her particularly sensitive to the plight of the Jewish community during the dark years of Nazism, and awakens her childhood memories of Jewish prisoners in the prison of Beau-Bassin during the war. Therefore, to understand the reasons for their detention in Mauritius, Genevieve Pitot carries out a tremendous work of research at the Mauritius Archives, the Colonial Office in London and with the families of the prisoners in Israel. Her book Le Shekel Mauricien is a work of memory in honour of the inmates of the prison of Beau-Bassin.