Previously a firefighter from Vaucluse in France, Lilian Eymeric decided to settle down in Mauritius in 2013. After a trying experience in Haiti in 2010 because of the earthquake that shook Port-au-Prince, he decided that a change of life was essential to his well-being. Once he was set up in Mauritius, he started to seek new adventures and began with different athletic prowesses in order to raise money for the diabetic children of the NGO T1 Diams. In 2016, he broke the open water swimming record by swimming from Mauritius to Reunion island. With the help of the French writer Mano Gentil, he published his story at Éditions VIZAVI in November 2017. Some of the royalties collected from the books sold are given to the NGO T1 Diams. A movie about this incredible prowess is also undergoing.


Edited by Vizavi