Be it through Florent Beusse‘s watercolours, Gada‘s quirky pictures or Pedro Cunha‘s poetic bus Journey throughout the island, be prepared to discover Mauritius like you have never seen it before! Each and every one of these books offer an original glimpse into Mauritius, its culture, its population, its landscapes and colours and the day-to-day life.

Pedro Cunha is a Brazilian photographer who stayed in Mauritius for one year and a half. In his photography book Moris dan bis, he managed to capture the essence of one of our local landmarks: the bus. The bus in Mauritius is undoubtedly a mixture of many things: it is a meeting place, a place where one can let their thoughts run wild and where beauty always finds a way to strike us.

Meet also the Sri-Lankan photographer Dominic Sansoni and his flamboyant photography book Mauritius Colour/Couleur Maurice, which shows quite clearly how fond of Mauritius colours the photographer is. We discover Mauritius and its hidden secrets through 160 pages of bright pictures. At every street corner, we witness the day-to-day life of Mauritius inhabitants through snapshots of old alleys, a small café in Goodlands or beautiful temples nestled in the countryside.


However,  Dominic Sansoni does not stop there. As a true photography enthusiast, he decided to continue his journey up to Rodrigues. In 2011, he published his second photography book Incognito where he went out to meet many Mauritians and Rodriguans in their day-to-day life. His pictures are, as always, colourful, unique and subtle. He offers us a quite authentic and intimate image of these two islands and their inhabitants.



Date de publication: 2017

Take a seat and get ready for an unforgettable escapade throughout Mauritius. By leafing through this book, you will get to know the bus in all its glory! Equipped only with his camera, the Brazilian photographer Pedro Cunha has criss-crossed the island to offer us buoyant pictures, full of spontaneity and humanity. Moris dan bis tells the story of […] Read more...

Regards from Seychelles

Date de publication: 2017

Regards from Seychelles is designed as a sketchbook and invites the reader to travel to Seychelles through Florent Beusse’s beautiful watercolours and Indian ink drawings. These depictions of the day-to-day life in Seychelles are accompanied by texts written by Valentin Guichard – a perfect combination of nostalgia and contemplation, remembrance and lyricism. Regards from Seychelles […] Read more...

Regards from Mauritius

Regards from Mauritius


Date de publication: 2014

This book is an invitation to stroll around Mauritius, along its beaches, its sugarcane fields, its crowded towns and sleepy little villages. The fine contours of our lagoons, the architectural hodgepodge of our towns and the gleam of light on the large trees lining our roads: while it is all illustrated with great sensitivity in […] Read more...

Mauritius NO COMMENT


Date de publication: 2013

There is no doubt about it: this book is really about Mauritius! Avoiding the usual clichés, Mauritius NO COMMENT takes us through a lifelike experience where the many facets of the Mauritian identity mingle and permeate throughout. Irresistible!   Read more...

Maurice photographies

Timeless Mauritius / Maurice Hors du Temps

ATHÉNAS François-Louis, DEVI Ananda

Date de publication: 2013

In this two tone book François-Louis Athénas, the photographer from Reunion Island, takes us on a timeless voyage to the heart of a wild and luminous Mauritius island and its Rodriguan dependency. The photographer’s beautiful black and white pictures stand in perfect harmony with the poetic beauty of the texts written by Ananda Devi, one […] Read more...

Maurice et Rodrigues



Date de publication: 2011

After the success of Mauritius Colour / Couleur Maurice in November 2010, with Incognito the photographer Dominic Sansoni proposes a new journey to Mauritius and Rodrigues. Far from the usual tropical island clichés, the Sri Lankan photographer invites us to a different kind of meeting with the Mauritians and the Rodriguans. He takes an unvarnished […] Read more...




Date de publication: 2010

Dominic Sansoni is a renowned photographer who combines the vision of the artist with the eye of the traveller. Passing through Mauritius for the very first time, he has unveiled, by his choice of subjects and how he frames them, all manner of previously hidden beauty. His aesthetic sense is at once subtle, sensuous and […] Read more...

Maurice : Images d’un siècle

Glimpses of 20th Century Mauritius

Date de publication: 1999

The history of 20th century Mauritius is yet to be written. At the close of this century, as one can imagine, a pictorial overview of the past hundred years cannot but be incomplete as photographs of the early years are few and far between and even when these become available as the century draws to […] Read more...

Mauritius, a tryst

RÉMON Jean-Pierre

Date de publication: 1998

Mauritius, a tryst is an artist’s sketchbook of watercolours on Mauritius and Rodrigues. It also includes a handwritten text in which Jean-Pierre Rémon, the author and painter, shares his attachment to these two islands. The set consists of eight loose inserts of four pages each, presented in an artist’s portfolio. Read more...


Port-Louis, Ile Maurice


Date de publication: 1997

The eye of the humourist, the drawing line of the cartoonist, and the verb of the poet make this book by Eric Koo Sin Lin, a collection full of tenderness revealing a fine sensitivity and deep emotion equal to his gaze on the beloved city. A city, a street, a face, a scene; his drawings, […] Read more...