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Editions Vizavi welcome you to their official website.

Our publishing house insists on promoting the multicultural richness of Mauritius by publishing the works of local artists and creators. We offer a wide range of books on many topics (History, the local and tasty cuisine, children’s literature, etc.)

Mauritius, a model of tolerance

One of the most important aspects of  Mauritius is undoubtedly its cultural diversity and tolerance. Living together peacefully: this is an important concept that Mauritian children must understand. In this sense, Editions Vizavi offer to our young readers the educational book Les religions à l’île Maurice written by Fabienne Jonca and illustrated by Hélène Moreau. Page after page are described the nine most important religions in Mauritius, promoting a better interreligious dialogue.


Know the history of Mauritius like the back of your hand

In 2017, look into the history of the Indian Ocean as well as that of Mauritius with Voyage au gré des cartes – A Journey through old maps. Follow the pencil strokes of the most well-known cartographers throughout the centuries and admire the evolution of an emerging island with the texts of Pipo Lenoir. These maps and plans are sometimes adorned with somptuous cartouches and practically encourage us to time travel and rediscover our past.

In 2016, Editions VIZAVI worked towards the preservation of the Sino-Mauritian heritage with CHINATOWN in the heart of Mauritius. Between research and interesting encounters, the making of this book took one year and a half. By leafing through this book, you will discover the amazing journey of this community as well as its impact on Mauritius – past, present and future. You will also be able to learn about their beliefs, their rites and their traditions.

With Geneviève Pitot‘s Le Shekel mauricien you will know more about a dark episode of the history of Mauritius: the detention of numerous Jews in Mauritius between 1940 and 1945. While living in Germany, Geneviève Pitot became increasingly aware of the plight of the Jewish community and decided to restranscribe their account of the events as a tribute to them. In this book we learn more about the life of 1600 Jewish people who had fled Central Europe as they were persecuted by the Nazis and reached Palestine, only to be deported to Mauritius by the British authorities. Le Shekel mauricien was first published in English in 1988 and has been available in French since 2014.


héros maurice




A Journey through old maps

We invite to sail across the Indian Ocean and discover the history of Mauritius and its surroundings. With a foreword written by Emmanuel Richon, the director of the Blue Penny Museum, and texts by Pipo Lenoir, be ready to embark on a great journey…